Sleep Sound With Our Moorings

King Marine Service provides new mooring installations, inspections and service for existing moorings. 

We specialize in concrete mooring blocks up to 3 ton with various hardware options available. 

Our mooring service includes installing a King Marine winter stake and removing your pendant and mooring ball in the fall, inspecting your top gear and storing it.  

In the spring, we clean and paint your mooring ball with high grade marine paint, the top gear is then re-installed and the winter stick is removed.

  • Yearly mooring maintenance and inspection services
  • Spring and Fall months
  • New mooring sales of concrete blocks, all sizes of mushrooms & pyramids
  • New and replacement tackle include but are not limited to: galvanized top chain, heavy-duty bottom chain, double braided nylon pendants, galvanized shackles, swivels and variety of mooring ball sizes and types
  • Service area for mooring work: We service all of upper Narraganset Bay.


Mooring Inspections

 Having your mooring inspected every 2 years.  It's important to do! The upper chain typically last only 3 years. Here or some picture of what I have found. 


If we don't have it, you don't need it!


Our "King Barge" Show's NO mercy

If your looking to step your mast or decommission, we can handle most sizes in the East Bay area. Our  barge is truly a one of a kind, able to set 6000 lbs. cement mooring blocks, lift damaged docks, 

you name it, she can lift it.