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Diving and Boat Bottom Cleaning

  King Marine has been cleaning boat bottoms, installing zincs, and performing additional dive services to address all the needs of local boat owners since 1983. We will perform regular scheduled boat bottom cleanings every 1 to 4 weeks in the Barrington & Warren Rivers. Schedules are developed based upon the individual boat owner's needs. We will also perform boat bottom & dive services as needed in the surrounding East Bay area. For racers, we are consistent and dependable and make every effort to clean boat bottoms on race day whenever possible. 

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Boat Salvage

 Boat Salvage: While this is a subject that nobody wants to think about, unfortunately things can and do happen. Should your boat sink, we have on hand several large lift bags and pumps to raise your boat. We can also haul your boat out of the water and bring it to other local businesses for repair. We offer this service at a reasonable price, and are available to complete most jobs on short notice.