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Mooring Services

What is a mooring?  A mooring is essentially a permanent anchor.  It consists of three major parts:  ground tackle, chain, and the pennant float/line.  There are several different options when putting together a mooring, each which has its benefits and drawbacks. Click here for a more detailed description on mooring setups.


King Marine has been installing, inspecting, and servicing moorings in northeastern Narragansett Bay, Potters' Cove, and the Cole and the Kickemuit Rivers since 1983.  We will work with you to ensure that your mooring set-up is safe and meets all local regulations.  Currently, our equipment consists of two work boats with lifting capacities up to 3000 pounds, and a work barge with a lifting capacity of up to 6000 pounds. We also have jetting capabilities and lift bags for tougher jobs.

Permit Process: Sometimes obtaining a mooring can seem like a daunting task. We can assist you with filing your permits or applying for a mooring in your local harbor. With waiting lists often taking years, we can also provide you with interim moorings on a lease or rental basis where available.

 Installation: We can provide you with a variety of mooring solutions to fit your individual needs. We install cement blocks, mushroom anchors, and pyramids along with all the chain, shackles, swivels, pennant lines, mast bouys needed to complete your mooring. All our mooring recommendations take into account the size, weight, and windage of the boat, the depth of the water, the area where the mooring will be placed, as well as local regulations regarding the size and scope of the mooring. It is our goal to ensure that all customers feel confident that the products and services we provide are of the highest quality.


Inspection and Repair: Here at King Marine, we feel strongly that regular inspection of all mooring gear is critical for ensuring a safe harbor. We are certified town inspectors for the following communities: Barrington, Bristol, East Providence, Portsmouth, Warren, and Swansea, MA. However, we will inspect moorings in other locales and will work with harbormasters in other towns upon request. Whether we perform a dive inspection or a pull inspection, we will always provide you with a written copy of our inspection, which clearly identifies the strengths and potential problems with your mooring. If any deficiencies are identified, we offer competitive pricing for all mooring repair work to help make your mooring safe and bring it into line with local regulations.


Mooring Relocation: For those occasions when your mooring needs to be relocated, we will work directly with the local harbormaster to help ensure your mooring is moved to a spot that will work with your boat.


Mooring Winterization Services: Mooring winterization consists of removal and cleaning of the pennant float and line, putting a winter stake on the bottom portions of the mooring to mark it, and covering and storage of your mooring float for the winter. We also complete a visual inspection of the upper portions of your mooring and will send you a written estimate with your winterization bill if any repairs are needed. All mooring are typically winterized by early December. In the spring, we will remove the winter stake and put your mooring float/pennant line back in the water, painting numbers on the ball if needed and completing any repairs. All our moorings are typically de-winterized by early May, and can be made ready earlier in April upon request.