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King Marine sells a variety of mooring products. We have most hardware products for moorings on hand, and most other products can be ordered and available for delivery within a day or two.

With respect to mooring supplies, a list of the most commonly requested items we sell follows:

Chain: We sell primarily domestic chain manufactured by Acco/Peerless. We typically stock 3/8” to 1” chain sizes.

Shackles: We stock sizes from 3/8” to 1 ¼” load rated shackles. We only sell shackles that are marked either “WLL” (working load limit) or “SWL” (safe working load). Although they are a more expensive option, shackles that are not load rated should never be used for a mooring.

Swivels: This is often the weakest point of most moorings and the most common place for failure. Swivels are typically replaced every three years. We recommend either a ¾” or 7/8” swivel. If you are unsure about the wear on your swivel, we would recommend replacing it.

Pennant Line: We typically sell custom made pennant lines, although we can also order Yale or other braided lines if you prefer. A typical pennant line we sell is made with ½” to 1” three strand nylon line and a heavy duty thimble.  These cost an extra dollar but are worth the small investment. The average life of a pennant line is approximately three to four years.

Mooring Balls: We have several different sizes and types of mooring balls on hand. Styles include hard plastic with shackle pocket, inflatable polyform balls (bottom connect or through ball), and PVC (lobster style floats). In our experience we have found that the PVC style works well in most areas where there is current because you don’t have the problem of a shackle scratching the side of your boat. We would be happy to discuss further the benefits and drawbacks of the various styles depending on your situation.

Mast Bouys: While not a necessity, a mast buoy can make picking up your mooring much easier, particularly on a boat with a high freeboard. Despite their convenience, mast buoys can break particularly where the hole is drilled to attach the float. To alleviate this problem, we have designed our mast buoys with a heavier rod (3/8” ) and we do not drill holes near the float when we attach the rods. Another drawback to mast buoys are that the rods are often made of fiberglass, which splinter after a few years. We offer a poly coated rod to avoid this problem. Our mast buoys are also constructed with larger counterweight, which helps your mast buoy stand upright in high current or rough areas.

In addition to mooring supplies, we sell other products such as shrink wrap supplies.  We sell small shrink wrap guns and plastic cut to the lengths you need for “do-it-yourselfer.” Bottom paint is another frequently requested item. We can order most brands and colors, although we typically need to know your needs a few days before your planned project.  Whatever your needs are, King Marine would be happy to provide you with the materials necessary to complete all your boating projects.