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67 Acre Avenue

Barrington, RI 02806

(401) 247-KING (5464)



  • Has your mooring been inspected within the past 1 ½ years? If so, did the mooring pass inspection or have the necessary repairs been made?

  • Were the upper chain, swivel, and pendant line been inspected in the spring? Please note this should have been done as a part of de-winterizing the mooring.

  • Is the mooring adequate to withstand a good storm? Adequate scope in pendant line, chain, and weight?

  • If you plan to pull the boat, do you have a safe place to store the boat away from trees and water?

HURRICANE WATCH (24-72 hours before the storm):

  • Chafing gear must be in place.

  • All sails should be removed to reduce windage.

  • Dodgers and all loose gear should be removed from the deck.

  • Antennas should be taken down.

  • Charge your batteries.

  • Check your bilge pump.

  • Check that all your hatches are locked and watertight.

  • If the boat is tied to a dock, face the bow of the boat into the weather to avoid waves jumping into the stern of the boat.

  • Tie the boat to several cleats and possibly to the pilings. Do not overload any one cleat.

  • Remove ships papers, personal gear and electronics if you are concerned about losing them.

  • Smaller boats and trailers should be pulled to safe storage. The sooner you do this the better because the boat ramps will be busy.

  • Check your neighbors boat if they are out of town & possibly help prepare their boat.

HURRICANE WARNING (Up to 24 hours before the storm):

  • Set your anchor with a minimum of 7:1 scope towards the most or predicted wind direction.

  • Add extra scope to the mooring pendant with two additional lines if there is enough swing room.

  • Obey all local rules and evacuation procedures.